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Strategic survey design and management

Information is power. Need to conduct a quick survey among customers, staff or suppliers?

Or, use research as a management tool by formalising your follow-up procedures to ensure that you constantly raise your company’s levels of service?

Want to share information with others in your sector without giving too much away?

Siyathetha Communications has invested in the technology and gained the knowledge to allow you to conduct cost-effective electronic surveys. Sure, you can get the technology yourself (it’s called Survey Monkey), but we have been trained on how to phrase the questions, test the survey, tweak it, distribute it and then interpret the results.

If you want to target a specific group, Sibongile will phone them for you and conduct the survey if they have not filled it in on-line.

We will give the results to you in an easy-to-read graphic format that can be used in presentations, sales packs and training programmes.

Types of survey

  1. Customer survey – measure levels of service, find out what customers expect, identify gaps. Can be done automatically as part of your “thank-you” to customers who have purchased large items, made use of your services, or stayed in your guest house.
  2. Product satisfaction – find out what your customers think of your products once they have started using them.
  3. Conference feed-back – for those who “forgot” to fill in the evaluation form at the end of a conference or presentation. Also provides an opportunity for further contact.
  4. Sharing of information – tourism associations, retailers, hoteliers, manufacturers supply information to us, we aggregate it and share the results – essential if you want to identify trends, bench-mark your own performance and take advantage of opportunities.
  5. Internal – find out what staff are thinking, how much they really know about a new product or service, and what good ideas they have.
  6. Market research – usually done through a combination of on-line and telephonic interviews.
  7. On-line tests – the technology can be used for on-line tests.
  8. Academic research – faculty evaluation, student needs, targeted surveys to identify problems such as bullying, sexist behaviour.
  9. Human resources – 360 degree employee evaluation, job satisfaction survey, health benefits survey, manager effectiveness survey, etc.
  10. Membership survey – find out what members of your club expect, are they happy, and what good ideas they have.

In short, if you need to ask, we can help.