We get you talking - to your staff, your customers, your suppliers, the community
Companies serious about communicating choose Siyathetha Communications


Can you help me with a crisis – fast? 
That’s what we do better than most. Having extensive experience in handling live radio news shows and producing copy for daily publications, and electronic newsletters, we understand how to manage crisis communication.

How good are you at research?

Very – all our output is research-based. We have been involved in or headed up a number of major research projects across all aspects of the economy.

Do you provide business-to-business communication support?
Siyathetha Communications is one of the most experienced business-to-business communication organisations in the country.

What about internal communication?
This is where it all starts – making sure that your staff have the information and knowledge they need to provide superior services and products. We are passionate about helping clients master the ever-changing challenges of internal communication.

What experience do you have in publicising health products? 
More than most. Plus, we are interested in them and use them ourselves.

I’m a health professional (psychologist, pharmacist, sexologist etc) can you help me build my brand?

Absolutely. We helped put sexologist Leandie Buys on the map, planning and implementing communication strategies in the lead-up to the opening of her practice and beyond.

What experience do you have in publicising events? 
Extensive – big events, small events, big names, and community projects – we do them all. Include us in the planning team from the start and we will be able to help you maximise the impact of the event for your organisation and your sponsors.

What experience do you have in publicising artists, musicians or singers? 

We are so passionate about helping artists that we published and continue to support the www.eastcapetalent.co.za website and match-making service. Many of the big-name national and international artists touring the Eastern Cape make use of our services.

Our educational institution wants to target specific students, can you help?
Yes, we help a number of education institutions to communicate effectively with all their stakeholders.

Can you help my company start a blog, join Facebook or Twitter? 
Yes, and more importantly, we will help maintain it and keep up a constant stream of information.

My company is going public, can you help get the word out? 

Yes, we have helped a number of companies handle the communication for listing and major corporate restructuring.

I’m greening my company and need to get the word out. Can you help? 
Absolutely, we are a bunch of “Greenies” ourselves and have an extensive network in the media and the environmental organisations.

Can you help me put together a PowerPoint for my speech?

Yes, and we will help you practice until it is perfect.

Can you help me write my speech?

Yes, we will tailor it for you and your organisation. We will capture your nuances and the way you speak to ensure that your delivery is professional and has the impact you want.

Can you write targeted content for my website?

That is one of our strengths.

Can you help me get my website near the top of the Google searches?
Working with the web designers, we will put you on the Google map.

Can you help me put together a communication project management plan?
Yes, we have unique expertise in this field through our sister company, Cognisant Communications, which works on some of the biggest mining projects in South Africa.

Can you help me run a project management plan in a mine?
We have a full team in-house for one of our mining clients – so the answer is “yes”.

Where are you based?
Port Elizabeth, South Africa – because we like the city, the sea, and its position – we can be anywhere in South Africa within a few hours. Our clients are based around the country, and the world.