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Advertising is an essential component in the communications mix for both consumer and business-to-business communication campaigns. Siyathetha works with advertising agencies to optimise the investment of the client by co-ordinating and integrating the different communication tools. Without this co-ordination, mixed messages are sent, and the client loses control over the communication value-chain.

What makes us different

Unlike specialist advertising or so-called “brand building” agencies, Siyathetha Communications does not have a hungry design studio to feed. We therefore do not have to sell advertising or “brand building” campaigns simply to keep our business running.

Our focus is strategic – identifying the channel that works best for a particular campaign, and then working with specialists to make it happen. Siyathetha’s understanding of the media – including the trade press, radio, television and consumer magazines and newspapers – helps us identify channels that traditional media buyers do not recognise.


Siyathetha provides copy-writing services for print advertisements, billboards, radio and television scripts, signposts, advertorial, brochures ane websites.

We work closely with either the client’s design team, or one of our existing partners, first establishing what the core message is, and then conceptualising the approach to breaking through the clutter of information that customers are subjected to on a daily basis.

Social media

Siyathetha helps with the setting up, management and population of social media campaigns.